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Dar es Salaam - Travel Dukaiko


Fuelled by its international reputation for fantastic wildlife, idyllic scenery and dreamy tropical islands, Tanzania is rapidly becoming one of Africa's most popular holiday destinations. Journey to Tanzania in search of phenomenal wildlife in its natural habitat.

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Nambia - Travel Dukaiko


It is of course the gigantic, incomparable sand dunes of the Namib Desert that feature most prominently on a Namibia safari itinerary but this Southern African country, lying between the Kalahari and the Atlantic Ocean, has much more up its sleeve.

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Experience a unique excursion that brings you right into the heart of the colors, noises and smells of urban Rwanda dubbed 'This is Africa'. Treat yourself to a front row seat to the jungle in one of the planets best wildlife experience.

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Morocco - Travel Dukaiko


Fantastic and exotic are the first words that come to mind to describe Morocco. The ancient cities exude a mysterious ambiance leaving you with a strong impression. The whole history of Morocco is registered in the imperial cities that are all a part of the UNESCO world heritage.

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South Africa

Embark on an adventure unlike any other. South Africa, a vast land of unimaginable beauty and diversity of experiences, is set to take your breath away. Explore this coastal paradise with an experienced guide and let the variety of South Africa’s unique canvases unfold before you.

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Nairobi - hotel - Travel Dukaiko


Discover the true wonders of Kenya, inherent in its vibrant soul. Immerse yourself in the untamed freedom of the wild, completely surrounded by the drama and charm of the planet’s greatest theatre., where vistas of yellow savannah stretch to the horizon beneath an endless bowl of deep, blue sky.

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Cairo hotel - Travel Dukaiko


Enjoy Our Journey to the heart of Egypt ,that takes you over 7000 years back in time. Private tour covers both the ancient Egyptian highlights and UNESCO-listed Old Cairo city at some of the most beautiful landmarks which are found in the world.

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Choose a Botswana vacation package and experience a traditional big game wildlife safari in one of Africa’s top destinations. The evergreen jewel of the Okavango Delta is at the heart of Botswana’s safari attractions, flanked in the east by the rolling savannah of the Savuti and the teeming elephant paradise of the Chobe.



Few African destinations can compete with Victoria Falls for sheer visual drama. At its full, roaring peak, the ‘Smoke that Thunders' is one of the continent's most mesmerising sights, leaving visitors lightly soaked and absolutely exhilarated at the same time.


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